Knowledge, experience and security

We have professionals with extensive experience, focused on providing solutions on issues of financial and non-financial information, contributing to the growth of our customers through timely responses aimed at developing your business.

General Brochure
  • Vergara Asociados carries out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) qualification work for financial entities, based on a methodology developed and applied to the local market within the framework of international standards and specific regulations issued by the Regulatory Authority
Financial Regulatory Framework
  • International standards (Basel)
  • National regulatory framework (Law No. 393)
  • Prudential regulations issued by ASFI (RNSF)
Risk management
  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Financial risks
  • Non-financial risks
Corporate governance
  • International standards
  • Local regulations
Money laundering
  • International standards
  • National regulatory framework
  • Prudential regulations issued by the UTF
  • Vergara Asociados provides services on the analysis and content of regulatory changes made by the Regulatory Authority, the implication of such changes, impacts and advice on compliance actions.
  • Vergara Asociados provides advice on the preparation of Financial Education and execution programs, within the framework of the regulations of the Regulatory Authority
  • Vergara Asociados has professional lawyers to advise on recursive sanctioning processes


We understand the problems of each sector providing solutions efficient and tailored to the demand of our customers.