Security, foresight and confidence

In the current business environment, comprehensive lawyers are required, capable of offering legal advice with solid business knowledge, working according to global changes.

For every company legal legal aspects involve conditioning the direction of their operations. For this reason we focus on having a multidisciplinary team with experiences in the national and international, to face the challenges in all sectors of commercial and industrial activity.

General Brochure
Legal Services Brochure
Company law:
  • Incorporation of entities in Bolivia, registration and constitution of legal entities, obtaining tax and corporate registers
  • Consultancy in corporate processes of statutory reforms, transformation, merger, split and business reorganization processes. Due Diligence (Legal due diligence)
Legal structuring:
  • Analysis of the legal requirements that are generated by their activities in Bolivia and advice for the choice of the type of legal structure required
Legal advice in commercial law:
  • Comprehensive advice on commercial law for the safe exercise of business
General secretary services:
  • Handling of minutes and corporate books
  • Representation of shareholders in meetings and / or members’ meetings
  • Legal representation
Advice on intellectual property:
  • Registration, licensing and renewal of trademark registrations
Exchange advice:
  • Accompaniment and advice in foreign exchange operations of companies, handling of accounts abroad, investment, external debt and guarantees
Permanent Labor Consultancy
  • Advisory service and attention to questions on labor legal issues and social security and immigration, according to the needs of the company and in accordance with current legislation and jurisprudence
Social security counseling
  • Advice on Social Security matters regarding employees, managers and contractors of the Company in Bolivia
  • Alternatives for the correct management and fulfillment of obligations against the integral Social Security System in Bolivia
  • Verification of pension schemes for foreigners in Bolivia
Optimization of labor benefits and compensation plans
  • Advice on salary structuring, remuneration and benefits of the company with its employees: in accordance with current legislation
Security and health at work
  • Review and advice on Occupational Health and Safety
  • Response to specific consultations and comprehensive advice on occupational safety and health
Management of Pensions and Taxes Parafiscal
  • Preventive review of payroll processes and comprehensive diagnosis that allows the company to prepare before Social audits
  • Response and strategy before the administrative process and subsequent representation and integral advice in the judicial process
Due Diligence
  • Review in the fields of labor law and Social Security in order to assess and quantify the potential contingencies of the company or companies in the process of investment by the company
Migratory Law
  • Application and processing of business, work and Mercosur visas (Object Determined, Temporary, Definitive and Naturalization Visas), among other types of visas and visas of beneficiaries
  • Location services for foreigners in Bolivia
  • Accompaniment in the process after the approval of the visa
  • Advice to companies regarding the registration of foreigners. Review of the status / migratory profile of foreigners in order to analyze possible contingencies of face to eventual revisions of the Bolivian Migration Authority
Advice on contractual management
  • Provide advice on the contractual management of entities subject to the regime of public procurement and highly regulated companies by verifying compliance with the regulations applicable to their contracts, identifying risks and eventual legal contingencies
  • Advice on the structuring of proposals to participate in contractual selection processes
  • Audit to verify compliance with contractual management
Legal stability
  • External audit to compliance with the obligations derived from the legal stability contracts signed with the Nation
  • Counseling and audits in environmental law: licenses, permits, authorizations and procedures before environmental authorities
  • Accompaniment to the Company in the construction of the Environmental Management System
Business Billing
  • Accompaniment and review of the structure of corporate payments in order to mitigate risks that affect free competition
Personal data protection
  • Perform a diagnosis and accompaniment for the Company regarding compliance with the General System of Protection of Personal Data
  • Implementation of a management program for the General System for the Protection of Personal Data
  • Audit to verify compliance with the obligations derived from the General System of Protection of Personal Data
Normative compliance
  • Regulatory consulting for the development and implementation of “compliance” solutions with a compliance and / or reporting approach, through a regulatory compilation tool, structured to manage and control compliance with the legal obligations of the Companies
Managerial Responsibility
  • Control and monitoring of the main functions of the management bodies of the Companies, through the identification, traceability, consolidation and storage of the documentary supports that allow corroborating the fulfillment of the management carried out
  • Accompaniment and / or diagnosis of compliance with transparency obligations, in order to validate compliance with the obligations deriving from active transparency
Business Ethics and Anticorruption Compliance Program
  • Under a due diligence approach, provide accompaniment for the development of policies, guidelines, best practices and business strategies for the prevention, detection and mitigation of risks acts of corruption
We are committed to the social development of the Foundations and Civil Associations, which have no lucrative purpose, we have a team of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience, supervising that these associations meet and work with a social, educational, cultural or other purpose

Among some of our clients we can mention:

Our services:
  • Constitution of Civil Associations
  • Constitution of Foundations
  • Statute Drafting
  • Statute Reform
  • Legal Regularization before IGJ
  • Processing of Books
  • Advice on compliance with formal and material obligations
  • Processing and holding of Books
  • Administrative Obligations
  • Contracts
  • Trademark / Intellectual Property Processing
  • Management in the Registries
  • Armed with a Common Basic Agreement
  • Annual Presentations before IGJ and desarchivo
  • Prequalification Professional Opinion
  • Acts of Assemblies
  • Constitution of Chambers
  • Advice for Renewal of Authorities
  • Advice on Labor Issues
  • Institutional Restructuring
  • Tax, labor and accounting obligations
  • Grants and grants
  • Management of the patrimony of the association or foundation, participation in mercantile societies


We understand the problems of each sector providing solutions efficient and tailored to the demand of our customers.