Trust, Planning and Experience

We have extensive experience in General and Special Tax Law, which allows us to offer advisory services on taxes, fees, special contributions and patents in an integral manner, with the highest quality standards certified by IBNORCA with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

We understand the commercial and organizational objectives, facing the demand for fiscal transparency imposed by the business environment, guiding us to combine the perspective and innovation of multiple disciplines with knowledge, applying the best practices and experiences to face new challenges, continuously improving the practices current

We offer a wide range of services to help reasonably fulfill the Fiscal, Customs, Autonomic and Municipal Obligations at a National and International level, with a team of highly qualified professionals with legal technical expertise to help you make responsible decisions with the confidence to add value added to your company or organization.

General Brochure
Brochure Tax
Comprehensive tax planning
  • Review of applicable taxes in financial models
  • Structuring to reduce the tax burden and increase the rate of return
  • Definition of the most efficient tax schemes
  • Tax optimization in contracts
Accompaniment in the preparation of tax returns
  • Preparation and analytical review of tax returns for applicable taxes, withholding tax, VAT and other taxes
IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Analysis of the tax impacts derived from the implementation of IFRS, in the Bolivian Tax Authority
Information Exchange Agreements
  • Classification of entities
  • Due compliance with the obligations of information delivery
  • Analysis of the policies and procedures adopted for the purpose of implementation
Services to private companies
  • Tax advice for small, medium and large companies
  • Compliance with tax obligations
  • Local and international tax planning (Double Taxation Agreements, Tax benefits, etc.)

(Permanent Tax Consulting)

Tax outsourcing
  • Includes the organization, planning and monitoring of compliance with tax obligations for periods or management, as appropriate
  • Preparation of periodic tax returns of VAT, VAT-VAT, IT and IUE withholding tax and other tax obligations
  • Study and answers to the verbal or written “day to day” consultations formulated by companies that require an opinion for the application or understanding of it
Review of exogenous tax information
  • Includes the verification and / or validation of national, departmental or municipal tax information reports that guarantee compliance with the tax and technical requirements required by the Tax Administration (National Tax Services, National Customs of Bolivia and Municipal Governments)
Personal Loans (Loan staff)
  • Provides a human resource with experience in the sector, to support the company in all its fiscal compliance requirements, under the supervision and responsibility of a legal technical team with experience in Legal Administration, Tax and Customs Jurisprudence
Due diligence
  • Review of the legal and tax situation of a specific company, in order to identify the contingencies that it has, in a determined period, before carrying out the operation
Tax structure
  • Tax strategy and simplification of corporate structures
  • Review and optimization of the tax impact derived from the operation
  • Analysis and evaluation of tax risk by economic sector
Dispute attention
  • Attention to proceedings in administrative or judicial channels, in order to challenge by appropriate means, acts declared by the authorities in tax, customs and other public administration actions, we also represent the interests of our clients in tax dispute litigation
Appeals and actions against acts, issued by:
  • National Tax Service
  • National Customs of Bolivia
  • Autonomous Municipal Government
  • Other Public Entities
Strategic Litigation
  • Interposition of unconstitutionality actions, appeals against the judgments of Authority
  • Attention to constitutional actions: guardianship, popular, group and compliance
  • Preparation and preparation of actions for the defense of clients
  • Defense of the interests of clients against the use of constitutional actions
  • Accompaniment in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
Litigation Consulting
  • Elaboration of litigious maps with the exposition of the arguments that substantiate vices of form and substance of the administrative acts that are uttered against the clients
  • Design of litigious strategies to be implemented both administratively and jurisdictionally, which result in the benefit of clients
Tax accompaniment in the decision to enter the country
  • Vergara & Asociados provides a general framework of the current tax system, including aspects that could impact the entry into the country of any company
Services for international expansion
  • Advice on the start-up activities of new international operations
  • Selection of the investment structure
  • Transversal services coordinated from Bolivia
ISTR – International strategy for tax analysis
  • Optimization of the real tax rate (ETR)
  • Tax risk management
  • Cash flow optimization
International mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategies to improve fiscal efficiency
  • Identification of potential fiscal risks
  • Optimization of the investment structure
BEPS- Erosion of the tax base and transfer of benefits
  • Analysis of the effects of the proposed actions under the BEPS project to counteract the erosion of the tax base and the transfer of benefits
  • Global transfer pricing documentation, including master file and local report
Compliance activities with the Tax Authority

Counseling and support in the preparation of transfer pricing studies with compliance with traditional duties such as the new duties derived from the BEPS project of the OECD, such as:

  • Elaboration of Technical Studies of Transfer Prices in Internal taxes and Customs taxes or specific documentation of the taxpayer (Local File)
  • Analysis of compliance with the provisions in force in terms of transfer prices, taxes and customs
  • Inspection and defense attention for transfer pricing adjustments
  • Advice on transfer pricing approach
  • Preparation of Country by Country Report (Country by Country Report)
  • Definition of Transfer Pricing Policies
  • Advice on contentious proceedings regarding Transfer Pricing
  • Advice on the negotiation of prior agreements with the Administration (APA`s)
  • Market Value Technical Studies and GATT rules
  • Advice on Transfer Pricing Declarations (Form 601)
  • Counseling and support in the preparation of studies of Attribution of Income and Occasional Gains to Permanent Establishments

Advice and accompaniment in the preparation of studies of Attribution of Income and Occasional Gains to Permanent Establishments.

Discussion processes with the Tax Authority
  • Strategic technical advice on Transfer Pricing
  • Expert reports
  • Specialized and / or permanent consultancy in the matter of Transfer Pricing that responds to the verbal or written “day to day” consultations
  • Design and implementation of Transfer Pricing policies aligned with BEPS
  • Preparation of diagnostics and preliminary analysis
  • Accompaniment in the design and negotiation of Advance Transfer Pricing Agreements (APAs)
Customs advisor

Previous and official tariff classifications, customs and exchange reviews, deferrals and tariff splitting, services for Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), Customs Deposits, International Marketing Companies

Free trade zone

Evaluation of the conditions required for the declaration and operation of Permanent Free Zones, Special Permanent Free Zones and qualification of Industrial Users of Goods and / or Services

These activities include:

  • Study of pre-feasibility
  • Structure of the General Development Master Plan and request for declaration before the corresponding Ministry
  • Structuring of the specific business model for user activity within the free zone regime, procedures and preparation of manuals
  • Permanent consulting and consulting
  • External audits
Trade agreements

Advice on the definition and application of strategies to take advantage of commercial agreements, which includes:

  • Identification and implementation of tariff and tax opportunities arising from trade agreements
  • Advice on issues related to rules of origin, public procurement, national treatment principle, technical barriers to trade and sanitary and phytosanitary regulations
  • Consultancy on the treatment given to trade agreements by the Bolivian authorities
Valuation in customs

Verification of the due compliance with the valuation rules, accompaniment in the controversies raised by the customs in the topics of value and advice and / or representation in front of the customs requirements and official liquidations issued by the ANB, in which the value in declared customs

Systematization tools

Advice on the implementation of tools for the systematization of foreign trade operations for financial optimization and adequate risk management

Permanent customs and exchange advice

Review of consultations on the customs issues related to the different regimes of import and export of goods, handling of tax benefits on imports, sanctions regime and special projects that our clients have in their different investment projects


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